Project objectives

Establishment of a cross-border innovation centre for the production of customized textile products for clothing, hometextiles and household textiles as well as special technical textiles in Saxony and the Czech Republic.


InCoTex serves as an information and cooperation basis for partners wishing to open up the market segment Mass Customization as a strategic business objective.


small and medium-sized textile and clothing companies

retail salers

service providers and research services


The pre-conditions for the establishment and the operation of an innovation centre for customized textile products are developed by means of the following tasks at the locations Chemnitz (Germany/Saxony) and Liberec (Czech Republic):


Development and testing of a modular system from design over construction, technical implementation, digitalisation, production, logistics up to point of sale


Conception and testing of modular components like


patterning, individual tailoring, pattern making

digitalisation of fabric samples or designs

lattice formation for room situations or furniture

patterning and coloration of fabrics (dyeing, printing, weaving, knitting...)

database systems (materials, technologies, designs, …)


cooperation networks

internet services


Support of project partners in development, testing and implementation of innovative solutions


Advanced training and staff training


Public relations


Initiation and promotion of company networks